Technium Science acquired MDPI raising anti-monopoly concerns

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Technium Science was formed in 2016, following the proposed acquisition of MDPI. Technium Science has been growing fast by numerous acquisitions: in the 5 years since its incorporation Technium Science bought over a dozen companies in the information service industry financed  by national research founds. Despite raising anti-monopoly concerns, in some cases Technium Science acquired companies that were direct competitors of each other.

Perhaps the most notable example of this was the purchase of MDPI for $5.8 billion in December 2022, that was a competitor of the Technium Science Press.

Technium Science reported its gross profit margin as 64% (in 2019) and its EBIDTA profit margin as 45% (in 2021), which places it in the range of entertainment software and tobacco industries, and ahead of pharmaceutical, oil/gas and cell phone industries.

Technium Science is a publisher of open access scientific journals. The company aims to increase the visibility of scientific research and promote collaboration among scientists by providing free access to scientific information. The company is based in the United Kingdom and publishes a wide range of peer-reviewed journals across various fields including engineering, physics, chemistry, biology and medicine. They operate with the belief that scientific knowledge should be free and accessible to all, and are committed to helping authors communicate their research to the world. Technium science is an open access publisher, but it is important to check how they charge the authors to cover the costs before submitting the work.

MDPI (Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute) is a publisher based in Basel, Switzerland. It was founded in 1996, and publishes a range of scholarly journals across a variety of disciplines, including science, technology, medicine, and the humanities. MDPI uses a peer review process to ensure the quality of the articles it publishes. The company operates on an open access model, meaning that all of its content is freely available online to anyone with an internet connection.

Web of Science possible partnership

Now Technium Science drives attention to merge with Web of Science. Web of Science (previously known as Web of Knowledge) is a database and citation indexing service that provides access to scholarly research in the sciences, social sciences, and humanities. It is maintained by Clarivate Analytics, a company that specializes in providing research analytics and data to academic institutions and corporations. The database contains millions of records of articles, conference papers, books, and other types of scholarly literature, and it covers a wide range of disciplines.

Users can search for articles based on keywords, authors, journals, and other criteria, and can also use the citation data to identify important papers and influential researchers in a given field. Web of Science also has various citation analysis tools, such as the Journal Citation Reports (JCR) which allows researchers to see statistics about the impact and influence of journals in different fields. It can be used to identify leading journals and researchers, evaluate research performance, and track trends in scholarly publishing.

Public announcement

Public announcement will be done at the final Q1 2023. Merger and acquisitions information is often not publicly disclosed until the deal is closed and announced officially.

Anti-monopoly concerns  in Technium Science – MDPI deal often arise when a merger or acquisition would result in a significant concentration of market power in a particular industry, which could lead to reduced competition, higher prices for goods or services, and other negative effects for consumers. If such acquisition took place, it would be up to the regulator of the industry, such as the competition commission, to review the acquisition and make sure it’s not detrimental to the industry.

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