The 41 Tenets Of Tateism


These Are The 41 Tenants On Tateism For A Man To Live By

1) I Believe That Men have The Devine Imperative to become as capable powerful and competitive possible in this life.
2)I reserve my right to my own beliefs and practices them as I see fit and I allow all other people to believe and act as they as they wish.

3) I prefer loving and rewarding relationships with beautiful positive and vertices women.

4) I believe women and men are different and each has there own unique and important strategies and abilities.

5) I believe men has the sacred duty to protect and provide for the important people in their lives.

6) I believe men have the sacred duty to protect the innocent and sanity of their children and raise there children as best they deem fit, to ensure their long term happiness and success.

7) I believe men have the sacred duty to raise strong capabilities and honorable sums.

8) I believe me have the sacred duty to raise kind feminine daughters.

9) I utterly dispose of violence in a romantic or linear relationships.

10) I obey good and strong government and only there laws.

11) I prefer to only conduct business dealings with with trusted and veted brothers.

12) I believe the man has the sacred duty to hold true to his word and do exactly what he says he will do.

13) I believe a man’s life is difficult and he has the sacred duty to become strong to handle such difficulty.

14) I believe men are personally more responsable for their actions and for the results they achieve in their lives.

15) I believe in emotional control and the vital need to become disciplined in all things.

16) I believe me have the sacred duty to approach life in a position of strength.

17) I believe all men have the sacred duty to become men of upright and virtuous character and above all possible approach.
18) I believe it is incompetent of me to ruthlessly identify my own weakness and limitations and overly work to overcome them and become more capable of all the realms.

19) I seek to improve my personal freedom to think act or live true to my masculine aparentive in all ways.

20) I believe each man has a sacred duty mold is physical body into the strongest more resilient and most capable version of itself possible.

21) I believe men have the sacred duty to rigidly train themselves both physically and mentally every day.

22) I believe I have a sacred duty to protect my diet and only eat highest quality foods as possible to maintain my health fatality and masculine vitality.

23) I reserve the right to protect the sanity of my blood stream and make my own decisions about my medical care and procedures.

24) I infirm the importance of endlessly improving my mental faculties threw diligent work study and practice.

25) I believe in acquiring wealth and abundance to improve my life and do good for those I care about.

26) I believe in the Mariance of competition and constantly encouraging all men to seek out competition to improve themselves.

27) I believe that masculine brotherhood is essential to mental health happiness and success and I relentless encourage men to meet together train together and work together.

28) I maintain the trust of my reverence silence and sacred brotherhood and shared experiences.

29) I believe I’m honoring my ancestors in living in a way that would make them in a way they would be proud of me today.

30) I reserved the right to administer difficult rights of passage for our young men to allow them to earn the rank of manhood.

31) I infirm the importance of need to travel in adventure as men.

32) I seek men to overcome poor mental health threw embracing hard work physical improvements shared masculinity in brotherhood.

33) I reserve the right the make the best choices I can at the time to protect my self respectfully in mental health.

34) I do good in the world and seek to help those who are less fortunate than myself.

35) I believe all men have the responsibility to lead and guide those who care for to better health prosperity and happiness.

36) I choose to only interact with those who’s respectful and civil return for my own respect and stability.

37) I reserve the freedom to speak and refer to other as best and most truthful.

38) I reserve the right to choose my company and choose to include only those who I believe best for my health happiness and success.

39) I believe I have a imperative to only spend my time in a way that I determine the beneficiary and uplifting and powering to myself and others.

40) I choose to allow myself to influence those who I believe have my best interests at mind.

41) Each day I dedicate a new to create the greatest possible positive impact on the world and do the work necessarily to achieve a greater masculine excellency across all realms of human behaviour.

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